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What Our Program Participants Say….

  • I’ve been able to look at issues in my life that seem large and complicated and to look at them from a new perspective and realize that there are solutions. By breaking down the problem and seeing the different options and weighing up against each other, I have been able to make real progress.

  • Graham came well recommended and it’s not hard to understand why as it was very easy to 'hit the deck running' with him. Graham provided a great framework and process that focused on developing effectiveness skills as I was transitioning to a new institutional culture. I was able to embrace my development opportunities through 360 feedback and goal setting.

  • He created a nurturing and trusting environment in which I could process information, identify and rehearse effectiveness improvement options and facilitated, where necessary, needed discussions with self and others.

  • Graham has been a tremendous help to me in our coaching sessions.  He is very trustworthy, willing to listen, extremely knowledgeable and a great sounding board.  Graham has helped me to better understand what I want and the best ways for me to get it. While his coaching style is very relaxed he always challenges my thinking and has helped me to ask the right questions so that I can see the situations I face in new ways. This has opened up my understanding and enabled me to achieve better outcomes. Working with him has been very rewarding, I feel I know myself better than ever.

  • For the past 6 months I have attended coaching sessions provided by Graham Hill. The coaching provided has been integral to my recent professional development and has had a positive effect on my personal life where I have also been able to utilise the skills I have developed. I feel I have progressed more professionally in the past 6 months than I have previously, and I know Graham’s coaching has played an important part in this. I would recommend Graham’s services for anyone looking to achieve a step up in their career!

  • The coaching program has enabled me to have more meaningful conversations with my team. I am no longer worried about having all the answers; I’m more interested in how the team and I interact with each other to ensure we come up with the right solutions together. I was provided witha safe environment where I could explore and grow - the coaching was a very rewarding journey.


What Our Clients Say….

  • It is a pleasure to recommend Graham Hill as a coach.”
    John Brogden CEO Manchester Unity Australia
  • Coaching has been provided to several of my senior staff. I have been impressed by the professional approach taken, and the outcomes have been extremely valuable, both for the individuals and the University.
    Pro Vice-Chancellor -Campus Development - University
  • Graham Hill has been providing executive coaching to two of our Operational Directors over the last few months. This work has proved very beneficial and has provided both employees with the additional skills and confidence necessary to effect change in the dynamic environment their business is currently operating in.

  • The relationship is professional, targeted and a program designed to deliver outcomes for the organisation and individual.
  • In 2007 Manchester Unity Australia commenced an Emerging Leaders Program. A group of six high potential staff were selected from across the group for advanced development through education, mentoring and coaching.
  • Graham has assisted in conducting a number of very difficult sessions to clear the air, confirm reality and establish the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. The sessions were always well controlled, professional, firm with clear messages, and followed up by a debrief to maintain consolidation of the team.