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Coaching and Mentoring Wollongong

For organisations and individuals, coaching offers essential support and guidance in overcoming obstacles, developing insight, gaining skills, improving overall wellbeing and performance. When in search of coaching and mentoring, Wollongong organisations rely on Coaching Resources International.

We provide individual programs to assist in achieving desired changes. With an expert team of highly trained coaches on staff, program participants have the one on one attention they need to work on their development. We are here to assist the individual's path to change.

The Benefits of Coaching

When you choose a coach to work with your staff you are tapping into a wealth of expertise. Coaching programs offer a wide range of benefits to participants, including:

  • Motivation: Coaches can improve job satisfaction, enhance employee commitment, and improve career progression.
  • Performance: They can increase productivity and enhance achievement of goals.
  • Wellbeing: Coaches can help individuals to cope and deal with complexity.
  • Enhanced Knowledge and Skill Set: Participants in a coaching program enjoy faster ability to learn, broader experience, and development of new skills.
  • Management of Change: Coaches can offer support in culture change initiatives, during restructuring as well as provide staff with support as they face new roles or jobs challenges.
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