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Sydney Based Coaching

Do you want your organisation to fulfil it's potential? Are you ready to overcome obstacles that are preventing it from fulfilling its vision? Consider the benefits of developmental coaching. By working with professional coaches, it's possible to more easily identify what needs to change and how to change. At Coaching Resources International, we offer individualised coaching solutions to assist in meeting the needs of both the individual and the organisation. Whatever your goals, we are here to help you achieve them. Read more about our Sydney based coaching services.

Coaching : Results Oriented Solutions

When you choose CRI, you'll receive expert guidance to assist in achieving your desires. We have a team of experts waiting to assist. The coaching process at CRI consists of the following steps:

  • Matching & Outlining: In this stage of the process, a coach will meet with the individual who is looking to be coached to conduct an interview and to assess compatibility. Once compatibility has been established ground rules for the program will be discussed, including number of sessions, requirements of meetings, and the overall role of the coach.
  • Agreement: Once we've established the ground rules, we then draw up a formal agreement outlining the process.
  • Needs Analysis: During this stage, the coach will delve into the needs and goals in more detail, establishing priorities and areas of further development.
  • Goal Setting & Planning: With the insight gained from the needs analysis, the coach can address critical issues, obstacles, areas of desired support, and development opportunities.
  • Implementation: We then move into the implementation process, we work closely with the coachee over an extended period of time to develop towards the desired outcomes.
Coaching Resources International

When you're ready to experience the CRI difference, we're standing by to assist. For more information, call us on (612) 8249 4600.